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A premier global platform for the International Conference on Clinical and Experimental Dermatology-ICCED welcomes you to its official web page. We’re very happy and proud of our pioneering and innovative renaissance, which has enabled us to introduce and research many revolutionary concepts and philosophies. To be held Dec02- 17 22 at Abuja,Nigeria and organized by Research Plus, this event first of its kind, will provide unique and rational opportunities to all the attendees, research scholars, students from different domains and also encourage them to create a niche for themselves.

This event strives towards achieving excellence in the cutting edge of all the scholars from all the disciplines and tries to bridge the basic and advanced gap between their derived thoughts.

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Our main goal lies in integrating the intersection of intelligent, differentiated mind-sets into a single platform which best utilizes their potential in the various disciplines and sector of Engineering. Research Plus is one of the largest professional association that organizes conferences, workshops, seminars and awareness programs by providing the prerequisites technical and other supporting ladders to improve research and development process, publishing high quality academic international journals and papers.

Dates To Be Remember

Paper Submission Deadline

17th November, 2022

Registration Deadline

25th November, 2022

Conference Date

02 December, 2022

Scopes and Benefits

We make sure everyone who tends to be a part of our family gets all the nurture and benefits which interfaces themselves with others. Here are few of those though the list goes on;

  • All the accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings.
  • All the accepted paper will be published in relevant International Journals.
  • All the accepted papers will be provided with a Digital Object Identifier(DOI) number with which they can find their research paper uploaded at the
  • We always believe in awarding the best for their unique calibres. Hence awards will be given for the best research paper as well as best paper presentation.
  • Research Plus DELEGATES EXCHANGE PROGRAMME : Delegates from Research Plus conferences with brilliant thoughts and research orientation would be sent to carry out the research and development activities at overseas, abroad and at other International organisations having collaboration with Research Plus.
  • Delegates with research activities who have created niche for themselves which serves the society with humanity will be funded through Research Plus Research Funding Scheme.

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