Guidelines for ORAL/ Viva PRESENTATIONS

Contributed oral introductions are 15 minutes in length, including 5 minutes for inquiries and talk. The paper must be displayed by one of the creator or co-authors. Oral introductions are to be made either utilizing your tablet or the PC that will be accessible in the session. Some useful steps follows

  • Talk to audience
  • Be Logical
  • Treat the Floor as a Stage
  • Interact with your audience
  • Use Visuals Sparingly but Effectively
  • Make your presentation interesting
  • Review Audio and/or Video of Your Presentations
  • Provide Appropriate Acknowledgments
  • Maintain eye contact


  • deadline for uploading full papers
  • Maximum poster size is 36 inches wide by 48 inches high (3 ft. X 4 ft.).
  • You must provide your own printout of the poster itself.
  • Poster will be displayed in the conference room
  • Overview
  • Designing Your Own
  • Design and Layout
  • Titles
  • Objective
  • Methods Section
  • Working with Images